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What are the requirements to claim vehicle depreciation?

What are the income requirements to claim vehicle depreciation?

If commission forms about 25% of my yearly income, and my vehicle is used extensively to travel between clients (core part of the job), can I claim depreciation of my vehicle against my income?

I don't receive any travel allowance or fuel etc. I keep a logbook and can prove travel % to work/personal. Thanks.

Will I eventually get the money owing to me or will there be another problem

I have money due to me by SARS. After phoning and requesting why my money was not paid to me I had to go in with 3 month bank statements, certified copy of my id and proof of residence. After still not getting the money due to me I was told to email SARS stating I was not working 2008 and 2009. After doing so I received a call saying I now need an affidavit stating I wasn't working those years. I now have to go back and sit in those queues. The funny thing is the last 3 years I owed them money t...

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Battling to get 2008 IRP5 certificate from ex-employer.

I am battling to get my IRP5 certificate for 2008 from an ex-employer and SARS is asking for it. At the time I did not submit the tax return because I recall that in that particular year if you earned under a certain annual income, you did not have to submit and therefore I did not. How can I remedy the situation? I have called SARS SARS eFiling help desk and we tried to see if the information would populate on SARS eFiling but it did not.

What value to use in wear and tear calculation - vehicle

What to include in the price when calculating wear and tear on a company vehicle? Service plan, window break-in protection, VAT, Finance initiation charge, interest?

How do I submit 2007 return without documents?

SARS is requesting that my husband submit a 2007 tax return. However, he was only working certain times during that tax period (as a freelance contractor) and has no IRP5. He contacted the company he worked for as well, and they have no record of a IRP5 as well. What do you advise him to do now if he has no documents for that tax period? He may be able to get a record of his retirement annuity contributions, but that is all.

Car Deductions on Commission

Hi Tim, I am a Commission earner and I claim back on my vehicle usage on depreciation and logbook. When I claim back on my car usage, I keep a logbook as well. But my question is, can I claim back on a paid up vehicle? or do I have to still be paying monthly towards finance. Does the finance amount help with increase my tax return from SARS. Eg if im paying R2500 or R2000. Which will yield a higher tax return?

Depreciation for Commission Earner

Hi TaxTim, I have a lot of questions lined up. I hope its ok. The first one. I am a commission earner and claim back usage of my vehicle for business use. 75%
when calculation deprection over the 5 year straight line method. When does this begin? when I took ownership of the vehicle? or when the vehicle was registered?
2. I bought a vehicle in 2011 and only starting working on commission in 2013. When does my depreciation stop on this vehicle? 2016? or 2018?

VAT on new vehicle for commission earner

As a Commission earner and using my vehicle for business purposes. Can I claim the VAT back on purchasing a new vehicle?
also what can I claim on the interest portion?

Can a sales representative claim on car installments?

I just started a new position as a sales representative, and the car I am currently using is quiet old. As I will be travelling a lot to see clients I would like to buy a new reliable car. Would I be able to make a claim on the monthly installments for this new car, as it will be used mainly for work? If so, what percentage can I claim?

Request for Supporting Documents but I have not been employed for 3 years

SARS is asking for supporting documents related to my tax return but I have been unemployed and living abroad for three years! I don't have any of the documents they are requesting. I still pay provisional tax and submit that tax return dutifully. I read that I must swear an affidavit at a police station but I am currently not in the country and won't be back for several months - they need these supporting documents in 21 days. What must I do? (I did email them, asking them what to do, but they ...

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My total taxable return is higher than normal, am I being punished for bonuses received this year?

Hi Tim, I have recently completed my tax return. I received a first assessment that said I owed SARS 7630 but I was selected for verification. After the verification process, I received another assessment that reflected R0 amount. But it appears I still owe the initial 7630. Firstly, I don't understand the different conclusions reached in the two assessments and why the first one appears to hold still. Second, my total taxable income for the year being assessed is unusual in the sense that it in...

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SARS want a return from more than 5 years ago

SARS want me to submit a tax return from 2008/9 but the accounts for the company can't seem to find the IRP5. What are my options?

My employer for 2012 is deceased and the company has shut down

I have submitted my tax return, but they need me IRP5 for 2011 and 2012. My employer for 2012 is deceased and the company has shut down. We have never received our IRP5 from them

so now I cannot get my refund. What can I do?

Why is depreciation and goodwill amortization added back to Tax Computation.

Please can you help me understand why is depreciation and goodwill amortization added back to my income tax calculation?

Write offs for computer equipment?

I would like to clarify wear and tear and write offs for personal items. I am a filmmaker, I was employed for half the tax year but require the equipment in order to be self employed. I purchased computer equipment & camera equipment. I also bought a hard drive for R2000. Can I claim the entire R2000 for the hard drive? Am I only able to claim wear and tear for the computer?

Options or rules for claim on depreciation and travelling allowance claim.

When I complete my tax return can I complete the Travel claim against allowance and the depreciation (4027) section. The form allows me to complete both sections but when my claim was submitted and once audited the removed the depreciation amount(4027). How do I calculate the best method to claim if I am only allowed to complete one section.

Depreciation of a trawling boat

What is the depreciation per year of a trawling boat of R150000

How long after it34 will I receive letter of comoletion

Hi, I did my husbands tax return via SARS eFiling. SARS asked for supporting documents and i've sent it. On Monday 7th Sept i've received an additional ITA34 on SARS eFiling but not yet the completion letter. How long will this take?

Vehicle expenses for business

When I was a sole proprietor, taxed under my own name, if I drove somewhere on business-related matters, I used my own vehicle. I then claimed those business kilometres as a proportion of the total expenses and depreciation on my vehicle over the course of the tax year. Now I have a (registered) private company - can I still follow the same process, and claim the travel expenses as a tax deduction for my BUSINESS? If not, what are the options for me?

Tax returns for 2007 needed

My tax have been submitted 13/8/2015 and they asked to supply a logbook which I did. My tax for 2014 was not done and have submitted those aswell. My 2015 tax was not being audited but my 2014 is under audit. When I log onto SARS eFiling it says my penalties are R500. I have called them now and they said ny penalties are R1500. And I have to submit my 2007 tax returns. I do not have any of those documents anymore as its 8 years back. How can I go about the difference in penalties fee's and submi...

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Tax return shows minus amount on it

Hey Tim I did my tax return and got a message says - minus an amount does that mean SARS needs to refund me?

Tax return with commission?

I have never done my tax before. I've always earned a small basic and a lot of commission since I have worked as a beauty therapist. How do I go about submitting my tax return?

the only proof I have got for expenses are banking statements. I have received a IRP5 form for this tax year

I don't have an IRP5 as I am an independent contractor

I did not receive an IRP5 as I am an a independent contractor/consultant. All my income was derived through consulting work. Tax Tim is now saying that I need information from my IRP5 or there is a conflict. I am a provisional tax payer and yet the amount I paid in as provisional tax is never requested?

Can I claim on my tax return for the solution for contact lenses and vitamins?

I have medical aid, and I am wearing contact lenses, can I claim back the cleaning solution for my contact lenses? My medical aid does not pay for vitamins, can I also claim that back?

Can I claim depreciation on a personal vehicle even though I get a travel allowance

I received a travel allowance and have a logbook, can I claim depreciation on my personal vehicle based on percentage of business usage
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