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We earn little so should we be taxed?

I work for a small company and all of us earn salaries ranging from R3 000 to R4 500 and only the owner earns R25 000. So now the company wants to register for PAYE and UIF. So after reading through most of your articles and many other ones online I discovered there is a minimum amount per year that you have to earn and none of us reach that amount except for the owner. So does this means that the company can register for all those but not deduct anything from the rest of us but himself?

Refunded tax-invoice does not include the tax portion only the service fee before tax.

I pay Eskom directly for electricity. Every few months they overcharge and I have get them to refund and rebill. The issue here is that they only refund the service fees, never the tax portion. For example, last month they charged me R 1223. 22 Inc vat. This was incorrect. They refunded me R 1073. 00. And then charged me the correct amount + vat. How do I claim for the money paid in vat, if I even can?

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for my query but I have no idea wher...

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How will tax work on my bank account with other peoples money in it?

Me and five members of my family want to start investing. Before the profits will be paid out the company that does the investments does the tax part on it and then pay us the profits. What I want to know is, if they pay the family members profit into my bank account with my profit will there be any problems with tax on my side because all the money is going to my account. The company will send each of us an IRP5 at the end of the season so that each of us can fill in our tax return.

Getting paid in dollars

Hi, I am working for an overseas startup. I get paid in dollars. For the last six months I have been getting $500 a month. Starting this month I will be getting incentives as well. It is below the salary for tax but I'm not sure how it works with an overseas company?

Rental expenses claim during the next tax year

If I spent more on maintenance of my rented granny flat than I earned in rent can I offset it over several years?

Do I need to file old returns to obtain refund, even if I fell below the tax filing threshold?

SARS want to me file all my previous tax returns in order to receive my refund for this year. In 2011 I tutored at a university and earned below the tax filing threshold and therefore did not file my tax return. How do I file my tax return now for 2012 or how do I show SARS that I didn't need to?

Who can claim additional medical tax credit for their children

My husband pays the medical aid for himself and me his wife and 2 children and he claims the tax credit back for this. There is no point in him claiming additional medical tax credit for other medical out of pocket expenses as he earns too much to qualify for this. I however earn much less. Can I on my tax return claim additional medical tax credit for any medical out of pocket expenses for myself and my 2 children.

SARS correction still possible?

I submitted an income tax return as farming sole prop for 2016. SARS requested supporting documentation and then I uploaded an income statement. I then received an Operations Audit letter from SARS asking to furnish them with the reason of farming income loss. The letter was emailed and does not appear on SARS eFiling. On SARS eFiling they sent a new letter the same as the old one requesting supporting documentation and the generic letter that says if you dont agree re-look at your tax return. I...

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Claim more than 27.5% on retirement deduction

If I am able to contribute more than the mentioned 27.5% of my income towards a retirement fund, will SARS still give me a deduction for the entire contribution?

Tax on pension contributions

I save money in a separate bank account and plan to use it once I retire, can I claim it as a retirement fund contribution?

Paying double tax on pension

I get paid a monthly pension from my late husband's employee benefits, on which PAYE is deducted. On the annual tax statement and the details that get sent directly to SARS, it will show the full gross pension for the year, less the PAYE paid. Why then, does the net pension amount (after PAYE) still get included in taxable income for the year? Surely I am then paying PAYE as well as another layer of income tax on the remainder, i. e. On the net income? My tax assessment shows the taxable pension...

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How do you perform tax calculations for property and interest while married in Community of Property

My husband and I own property, receive interest income and are married in Community of Property. What percentage of the property income, property expenses and interest income should we each include on our Provisional tax under the total turnover and estimated taxable income respectively?

Tax directives

I went from a permanent position to a consultancy contract position - Do I need a tax directive and what kind of tax directive ?

Foreign tax on invoice

We charge a management fee for services rendered in Botswana. They withheld 10% how do we claim it back and can we claim any VAT on this invoice from outside in South Africa?

Can I still submit a claim?

How can I check to see if I have unclaimed cash with SARS, I pay tax all my life and never claim anything, I'm working for an electrical company?

What deductions are allowable for a salaried employee who works from home?

I am a monthly salaried employee and my employer deducts PAYE. However, my salary is based on an hourly rate with no fixed base, i. E. No work, no pay, and varies from month-to-month. I work 100% from home and am responsible for all work-related expenses. Can I claim a percentage of my rates and taxes, electricity and telephone?

Deregister foor provisional tax

I am an estate agent and earn only commission income. I am registered for provisional tax, but my employer has now started to deduct PAYE from my commission. Can I now deregister for provisional tax?

SARS is asking again for supporting documentation, but I have already submitted it in December

I have submitted supporting documentation as requested by SARS in December already (22/12/2016). I have received another request for supporting documentation, but it seems to be for the same documents. Please help?

Tax on internship stipend

As an intern is my employer allowed to deduct tax from my stipend?

Refund or amount due to SARS

I have minus signs in front of my refund amount on my transcripts what does this mean?

Why did they double tax me?

I received an increase of 50% on my salary in January, but the tax on my salary seems to have more than doubled, can you tell me why this is?

Tax on rental accommodation for staff

If a farmer supplies residential accommodation to his workers and deduct from their wages an amount of compensation (rent) for the benefit, should he be taxed on the "rental income" he receives?

Can I submit a return?

do i qualify for tax refund as a contract administrator?

Travel Claim not allowed by SARS

Hi Tim, I received a travel allowance upfront however I do a lot of traveling between two offices and I claim back travel on a monthly basis capped at 1850kms though I travel in excess of 2000kms per month. I've filed my tax return showing both business travel and personal but now SARS says I owe them about R27000. How is that possible when I didn't claim for the excess travel I did, just the capped 1850km. I can follow through their calculation but do not understand why they didn't include busi...

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When do the age related tax rebates kick in?

I turn 65 in August 2017. Do I get the 65 year old tax rebate in the tax year ending Feb 2018 or only in the next tax year?
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