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Desperate for correct advice

Posted 30 December 2015

Hello.... My mother is turning 86 in February 2016. She rents out rooms in her house on an informal basis and this provides an irregular income. She has small monthly annuity payment of about R1000 which ceases on her death. What is the taxable income threshold for someone of her age and does she really need to to submit a yearly tax return?

Tax problem

Posted 30 December 2015

I am a self employed day mother in South Africa I worked a corporate company 8 years ago which deducted PAYE then I resigned I have never signed up with SARS as I was under I did not earn enough.. I now earn around 9000 rand a month but this is only recently. I have tried to join discovery hospital plan and they want an affadafit from the police station to say I dont have any IRP5 forms or payslips which obviously I don't have as I am not employed by anyone.. How do I go about this.. Help

What will be the tax deducted from my December salary?

Posted 24 December 2015

I have been employed from 01/03/2015 to 31/12/2015. My salary for the period was 11 250. 00 per month and I have received a bonus in December of a like amount. I have resigned to take up another job from Jan 2016. What will be the tax deduction for my December salary (salary bonus)?

Annual bonus and Tax

Posted 15 December 2015

Is it possible for annual bonuses to be taxed, lets assume that I earn R4880. 00 a monthly, and how much should my annual bonus? and how much will it be taxed if possible?


Posted 14 December 2015

Dear Tax Tim
I earn random commissions as an event planner and promoter. Get paid cash. No Medical Aid or Retirement Funds. Have applied to purchase a vehicle and they want ITA34. I have never submitted a tax return.

Qualifications to pay tax?

Posted 8 December 2015

How much per annum must you earn not to pay any income tax

Tax on leave money

Posted 8 December 2015

My staff wages is payable fortnight - do I deduct tax on their annual leave money?

Should my rent which is paid by my boss, reflect on my payslip?

Posted 8 December 2015

I am renting a house in town. My boss pay the whole amount of R 3500. 00. Should this reflect on my payslip and how?

Medical expense claim from SARS?

Posted 7 December 2015

I tried to claim for medical expenses that I paid out of my own pocket but did not receive rebate, instead I have to pay SARS?

Does provisional income/ capital gains count towards income iro RA contributions?

Posted 1 December 2015

I own a business and I draw a standard non- pensionable salary of R1 440 000 (120K p/m). I pay R360k (30k p/m)to an RA. Which means I actually don't earn enough to achieve the max tax destructibility for my RA. However this year for the first time I have other income from share sales (my share trading G&L statement currently reflects a gain of 264K). Will this income add to the non-pensionable salary above and thereby reduce the disallowed portion of the RA Contribution?

How much will I get from a salary of R2361 in a year

Posted 1 December 2015

I want to know how long it takes to get ur income tax return and how much will it be if my salary is R2361 a month?

Investment income whilst being in the UK

Posted 1 December 2015

I earn R3000 per month from an investment and this is my sole income. I invested in July 2015. I have been in the UK since July so might be classed as a non permanent resident for tax. While in the UK I have not earned any income and if I have in the past I have paid UK tax. Do I need to file a tax return for this year and get an ITb3 certificate from the bank

Is it a must to register at SARS?

Posted 30 November 2015

Is it a must that each and every person must register to SARS when they are employed?

Tax on Rental Income

Posted 30 November 2015

Dear Sir/Madam

I am South African, but living and working in Kuwait. Back in Durban I own 2 properties which are rented out to tenants. Property 1 - rental income is R6200. 00 pm, monthly bond is R3500. 00, rates is R1600, monthly levy is R850. 00. Property 2 - rental income is R4500. 00, bond is R3550. 00 pm, rates is R350. 00, Levy is R700. 00. I have no other source of income in SA. Do I pay tax to SARS?

I was a registered tax payer whilst I worked in SA. But no longer....

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I want to declare a new income source.

Posted 27 November 2015

I want to declare income this year for the first time. Network marketing income. I already earned it in previous tax years but did not declare it. Will this be a problem?

Is it neccessary to have a bank account to submit

Posted 26 November 2015

Do you have to have a bank account

Submission of tax form

Posted 26 November 2015

I have earned R5000 per month. I work for my husband. I have not payed PAYE or UIF. Can I still submit my tax form?

Do I still have to submit a tax return having emigrated to Namibia?

Posted 26 November 2015

My friend lives in Namibia - she recently moved there about 2 years ago. She earns income there and pays medical aid and pension contributions there. She still has a bank account in South Africa together with investments so she is earning interest yearly. Would she still have to submit a tax return? The interest she has earned showing on her IT3b from the bank is just under R900. Would appreciate your help with this? Thank you

Do I qualify if I earn R32400,00 a year

Posted 25 November 2015

I 'm earning R2700,00 per month which is R32400. 00 annum
Do I qualify

Do we need to submit a tax return

Posted 24 November 2015

I get about R2000 /month from my living anuity and R900 / month from an investment. I no longer own property and my medical aid is about R1200/ month. I sometimes get about R2000 / month doing odd jobs and I supplement my income with the proceeds of the sale of my house. Do I have to submit a tax return
My mother is 92 and gets R8000/ month from one investment also has medical aid. Does she have to submit a tax return. Thank you

Do I complete my tax return if I started work in April 2015 earning R8000?

Posted 23 November 2015

I started working at my current company in April 2015 earning a gross of R8000, before I was earning R5800. Do I file for tax?

Are medical aid details compulsory if below tax threshold?

Posted 22 November 2015

Do I have to fill in medical aid details if my income is below threshold and I know I will not receive any money back?

How to declare other income, if when combined with interest income is still below the threshhold

Posted 19 November 2015

I resigned my job to study. I have an income on an investment of - R7000 pa and I did some adhoc consulting for a company for which I earned R30000. My wife's tax adviser told me that I still need to submit a tax return as I have income from two different sources. He also said that I don't need to register as a provisional tax payer as I am not actively generating an income that will exceed the tax threshold. (I understand that should I consistently do more freelance work and if my income increases that in future I may have to register as a provisional tax payer. )...

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How do I pay tax as an independent contractor

Posted 18 November 2015

I am an independent contractor. I started working part-time but have since progressed to full-time. Previously I did not earn enough to qualify to pay tax. However, from the beginning of this year working full-time I would need to pay tax. I have been onto the SARS website which shows my ITA34. I submitted this to SARS and it came back that I don't owe anything, which I am not sure is true. I don't want to have any trouble with SARS for not paying. What is the best way to go about in this situat...

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Registering for tax

Posted 17 November 2015

Hi, im working now as a temp for only two months. However in the past I have never had the need to pay tax because I have never earned that much per year to pay. I used to earn between 3500 to 6000. Now the company want a tax number? Do I need to register or how do I go about? Thx
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