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Employed by a foreign company, and need to pay over my own tax, how much will it be?

I've recently become a contractor to an overseas company, I've been informed, that I have to pay my own income tax. I send them invoices. My monthly invoice fluctuates between 22000 and 30000 as I get paid on a daily basis. I don't get an IRP5, and I pay my own medical and recently setup my own RA contribution. I need to pay my tax. When and how much do I need to pay. I've been a contractor for them from January 2015 to now May 2016

Tax on part time work

I am currently employed and my employer pays PAYE. Recently I undertook small part time jobs probably totaling around R40 000 income for the financial year. Do I need to register as a provisional tax payer, or can I declare this additional income under the local business section of my SARS tax return?

what expenses can i claim if I own a taxi?

If I own a second vehicle and use that second vehicle 100% as a Taxi. Would the tax be payable on only the income or payable on income - (minus) expenses?

For example, monthly costs breakdown as follows:

Expenses: Vehicle Repayment Costs - R1500 / Vehicle Insurance: R1100 / Vehicle Tracking Costs: R100 // Total: R 2,700. 00

Income: R 8,000. 00

Income (R 8,000. 00) - Expenses (R 2,700. 00) = R 5,300. 00

My question is. Would I pay tax on the income of R 8000 before deducting expenses...

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Tax directive withheld due to tax debt

If tax payments to SARS is outstanding, why won't SARS issue a provisional taxpayer with a tax directive

PAYE vs Provisional tax for a member of a CC

I am a member of a CC and have 80% interest in the company. I run the operations of the company and have been paying myself salary. The company never registered for PAYE as I was paying provisional tax and I was the only one earning a salary. Now the company is hiring more people and we have registered for PAYE/UIF. DO I carry on submitting provisional tax instead of PAYE or do I cancel Provisional tax and start paying PAYE. If I don't register for PAYE, what can the company provide me with to p...

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What will my tax liability be if I start a business?

Hi, I can provide services such as graphic design, animation, music production and web development. I recently caught attention of few business owners wanting me to do work for them, will I need to pay tax approaching them as self employed individual? I am prepared to charge everything once off based.

Additional income, and when do I register for Provisional tax?

If I do freelance work and get paid via Paypal what are the tax implications of withdrawing the funds into an FNB account, this would be a second source of income

What documents to submit when I use TaxTim to submit my tax return?

I am a Sole Proprietor and have signed up for individual tax and provisional tax with you. With regards to my Tax documents, can I send you my bank statements and slips, as well as a summary of my payments on an excel document?

Forex trader tax allowable deductions

I want to become a Forex Trader and would like you to advise me on how do I go about? (do I need to form some sort of form from SARS for tax or the money/profit that I will be receiving from overseas would be already taxed and if so what is the name or type of that Tax)

Tax on foreign earned income

I've been working overseas temporarily and have save up 2600euros, when I come home will this be taxed when I exchange it to rands.

Foreign employment income

Please advise the tax application on the following

1. SA residents living and working in South Africa for a overseas company. 2. Receiving a salary from the overseas company-paid in ZAR to the employees. 3. Should the foreign company deduct PAYE or should the employee be responsible for it when
submitting their Income Tax in SA.

Tax on a sole proprietor

I have just opened a sole proprietor in my name. My questions is probably one of the most common ones but I would love to receive a clear answer. I would like to know:
~How much Tax would I pay on my sole proprietor income?
~Is it Tier related?
~Or is it the same Tax doesn't matter how little or much my sole proprietor earns?
~Can I claim this tax back?
~And final question How does my own income apart from the sole proprietor effect the taxes?

Tax liability for an Independent Contractor

My son started as a independent contractor March 2015 and has not paid tax. He earned R10k for 2 months and R5k for the rest of the year. He got paid a lump sum of R80k when the job was done. He is going to SARS but what tax or penalties can he expect

May a sole proprietor have travel allowance and must retirement or providend fund be deducted monthl

I would like to know if a sole proprietor may allocate a travel allowance to himself?

In regards to a retirement or provident fund may I do payment once a year up to 27. 5% of my earnings or must I do it monthly?

Your help will be greatly appreciated


filing season dates

When is the first tax return date and when is the closing date?

Tax paying Freelance Artist / Independent Contractor

I am a freelance artist, I want to work fulltime for myself, but can't be certain how much I will make or whether I would make any money at all. I am married in community of property. My husband is lucky enough to have an employer that takes care of his submission every year. I need to ask whether I should add my income to his submission or whether I should have my own tax number. I tried to enlighten myself by reading the Tax website,, but it's all greek to me, I can't seem to figure it out. I ...

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How is online income in foreign currencies taxed locally?

Hi. I'd like to know how online generated income is taxed. I am a South African resident currently in the process of generating income in foreign currencies ( US dollar and the Euro). I do not want to break any tax laws, please assist me.

Tax returns

When can I submit my tax returns for the year 2015/2016?

Does a sole trader require signed financial statements?

Does a sole trader who is registered for provisional tax need to have annual financials done?

Tax payable on buy to let property

I have invested in 4 properties to rent out to provide me with income. The total income I am recieving each month is R 18 000. I am 60 years old and have no other income. The properties are all in my name. How much tax will be payable on this monthly amount considering that this is my primary income.

How do I de-register for Provisional tax?

I am a registered provisional taxpayer from when I earned other income than my salary. I now only have a salary income. Nothing else. How do I deregister for provisional tax purposes?

Tax when working for different employers / independent contractor

I am about to start 2 different half day jobs. In the morning I work for an organisation and in the afternoon I work for an individual. Should I expect the individual I work for to deduct PAYE or should I put it the PAYE amount away and pay it as personal income tax?

How do I claim Withholding Tax back?

Hi, we get charged withholding tax from Botswana. We have the withholding tax certificates issued from BURS Botswana Unified Revenue Service, but how or where do we claim this back on our IRP6 form.

Must commission earners register for provisional tax?

Hi Tim,
I earn a basic salary and a commission. The total commission earned is more than 50% of my total earnings. Do I need to register for provisional tax?

Submission of late Provisional Tax returns

I received rental income in 2016 tax year, but didn't pay provisional tax. On my ITA34 I am not registered for Provisional tax, but on my SOA, requested one day later, it states that I am registered for Provisional Tax. What are my options now in order to pay the minimal penalties/interest? Do I rather not submit the late IPR6 tax returns and only specify the rental income when I submit my next Income Tax Return?
Also, how does the fact that I am married in community of property influence ...

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