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Vat for services received and rendered in Botswana

We a South African company providing a service in Botswana for South Africans. When invoicing our customers do I invoice with vat?
Can I claim input vat for expenses incurred in Botswana? Botswana vat is at 15%..

Tax free lump sum portion

I am 53. Recently divorced. While married we contributed to a provident fund which was handed over to Investec for management after my first husband stopped working. But he did not implement retirement He took a sum of 570 000 from his provident and paid 18 percent tax on that. Now that he has implemented retirement we both wanted to claim the 500 000 lump sum tax free that we were promised by our financial advisors. I cannot get my bit because I am under age and he cannot get his 500 000 tax f...

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Long partnership regarded as marriage for tax?

I have been living with a woman as husband and wife for 17 years and see no point in getting officially married. With regard to tax rules such as: tax free gift/donation between spouses and tax rules regarding disposal of residence to spouse on death, apply to me? I have in mind donating money to my partner which she will invest to achieve a tax saving on capital gains as she has small income. She would also be able to donate to my children if required, to take advantage of the R100k tax free am...

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Does the sale of a Holiday Home attract CGT?

My parents have a small holiday home which they have been offered R1 300 000 (from tenants). They bought the home in 1979 for R97 000. Will they be liable for CGT and how do I work out what CGT they will pay?

Donations between spouses

My companion and I have been living together for many years however we are not married. He recently sold his house and the money was used in purchasing another house but in my name and not his. Will I have to pay tax on that money? We are both pensioners. I have also had to draw money from my investments to pay for the shortfall as the house I bought cost more than the amount received from selling his house.

Tax implications if one receive a subsistence allowance

We travel for work purposes, and are considering getting a daily allowance paid instead of submitting our expenses. What is the amount allowed per day / other amounts subsistence amounts, and are there tax repercussions on this method.

How to confirm foreign banking details with SARS

Hi, Could you please let me know the procedure to confirm my Indian Bank Details. I am an Indian Citizen and working in South Africa in Work Permit. I would like to register my Indian Bank Details for tax refund. Please guide me on the 1. Fees, 2. Documents Required

And also, I would like to know the pricing for tax filing for this year.

Tax exemption for Offshore workers

I read a previous post about "Offshore workers" and tax exemption. I fit the profile with my work situation, but do I still need to stay out of the country for 60 consecutive days?

I am married in community of property, how will I be taxed on an investment?

How will I be taxed as I am now retired an have invested the money and draw monthly interest we are married COP monthly 13k

Can one claim Uber back as travel expense for a business

As a freelancer, can I use my Uber receipts as mileage for work?

Which proof of expenses should I hold onto?

Which receipts should I take a picture of?
Or, which expenses should I note down in preparation for tax time?

Members loan

I have a member loan account of approx R1m rand. I wish to reduce this by R100k by transferring this money to my personal bank account. The members loan account is interest free. What are the tax implications for my company and my personal tax? and how should I declare it on my tax returns.

Allowable tax deductions when building a personal residence

I have purchased a plot in 2015 and built a house. Are there any amounts in the purchase procedure and the building process that are tax deductible and are bad debts incurred during building deductible

Does capital gain require registration as provisional taxpayer?

If I make a capital gain do I need to register as a provisional taxpayer?

Deposit of foreign income into South African bank account, is it taxable?

If I am working outside the country and wanted to send a large sum of money as a deposit for property within South Africa what are the Tax implications if any. I believe that because it is a large sum of money that it would need to be declared to the South African Reserve Bank beforehand.

Tax on part time work

I am currently employed and my employer pays PAYE. Recently I undertook small part time jobs probably totaling around R40 000 income for the financial year. Do I need to register as a provisional tax payer, or can I declare this additional income under the local business section of my SARS tax return?

what expenses can i claim if I own a taxi?

If I own a second vehicle and use that second vehicle 100% as a Taxi. Would the tax be payable on only the income or payable on income - (minus) expenses?

For example, monthly costs breakdown as follows:

Expenses: Vehicle Repayment Costs - R1500 / Vehicle Insurance: R1100 / Vehicle Tracking Costs: R100 // Total: R 2,700. 00

Income: R 8,000. 00

Income (R 8,000. 00) - Expenses (R 2,700. 00) = R 5,300. 00

My question is. Would I pay tax on the income of R 8000 before deducting expenses...

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How does one declare and pay CGT?

If you are a shareholder of a company and the company has sold out a chunk of its shares... And due to this a pay out will be made to each shareholder.. I own 2% of the company. I am told I will get a pay out of R60k what will be my CGT amount more or less?

Maximum tax deductible contribution towards a RA

I am trying to work out the maximum tax deductible contribution to a Retirement Annuity. Person earns R1 000 000 of which 75% is pensionable. Total contributions to pension fund is 13%. He made a capital gain of selling shares at R150 000, received rental income of R180 000 with R50 000 deductible expenses. I'm confused on how to work out this question. It states that max deduction for a RA is 15% of non-pensionable income. I get R250 000 R150 000 R130 000 = R530 000 x 15% = R79 500. However...

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Not a South African resident, but have a local investment, do I need to pay tax?

I'm a dual citizen having both South African and British citizenship. I have worked all my life in UK and am in full time employment under a contract with UK employer. I tax return to South Africa once every year and stay for a holiday between 4 to 6 weeks. If I invest in a fixed rate account of some R500 000 over 5 years, am I liable to pay any tax on that investment product as I'm not ordinary resident in South Africa for tax purposes not indeed even have a South African tax number

Increasing rental property loan to reduce home loan?

Is it possible to take some equity out of our rental property by increasing our loan on that property to put against our home loan and would the increase in interest on our rental property loan still all be tax deductible?

Return completion?

What are this code for 3696, 3697 & 3698?
where should we put the amount from certificate for income tax purposes from SANLAM?

How much CGT am I due to pay?

I inherited a property in 2007 (it was transferred into my name in 2007, although my dad passed on in 1997) - delay caused by issues with executing the will. I valued the property in 2002 for Capital Gains Tax and it was valued for R760 000 at the time. I want to sell the property now for R3. 95 million. I earn a salary of R480k per year. How much CGT will I have to pay?

Calculation of 183 & 60 days by working backwards a 12 month period from the last day of employment

I started working abroad in Hong Kong on 1 Jun 2014 and am comfortable meeting the 183 & 60 days requirement for the 2014/2015 & 2015/2016 SA tax year of assessments. However, I need clarification on the 2016/2017 SA tax year of assessment as I will be tax returning back to SA permanently on 30 Sept 2016. I would have met the 60 days continuous requirement, but not the 183 days, it will only be a 122 days from 1 Jun 2016 to 30 Sept 2016. Reading Income Tax Interpretation Note No. 16, specificall...

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Donations from abroad

I am a south African working and living abroad. I would like to transfer some money to my retired parents. Will they pay tax on the money I transfer to them?
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