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Income calculator if work 4 months in tax year

I worked 4 months in tax year and was given severance package will I get a refund or must I pay in as the sars directive indicates no tax payable

Is my bond installment, tax deductable?

Hello Tim. I am a home owner and currently staying in the house where do I have to put in the amounts that the bank send me via a tax invoice? The invoice states that its for tax purposes.

According to SARS criteria, I dont need to sumit ITR12. But do I still submit IRP6 twice yearly?

I'm a provisional taxpayer. According to recent communications from SARS, I no longer need to submit ITR12 any more as I match all their criteria. My question is: Do I still need to submit the IRP6 twice yearly?

Log book app

I would like to use your services. If I send you an ABSA fleet sheet report do you build a logbook?

What if you used someone else's vehicle to travel to work?

All vehicles show on my petrol statements and IRP5. What supporting documents would I need if SARS Audits me because some of the vehicles I used over the years are on my fathers name but my company knew this.

Unclaimed disability from 2009 to 2013? can I do so now?

I previously did not know that you can claim for disability and I have 6 years worth of disability that I didnt claim, is it possible to do so? from 2009 to 2013

Home Office Deduction

Hi, I work mostly from home, what information needs to be on the letter from my employer?

IRP5 not showing Code 3701

I receive Travel Allowance monthly and on my IRP5 it does not show as Code 3701 but rather showing as 3703. How does one go about with this issue as this Allowance shows on my payslip and added to gross earnings and thus taxed.

Treatment of a provident fund lump sum payout in a provisional tax return (IRP6)

If one is not of retirement age and receives a provident fund lump sum payout in the 2015/16 tax year - net amount after tax is deducted - how is this amount treated in a provisional tax return (IRP6) i.e.
- Is the amount included in a provisional tax return (IRP6)?
The IRP6 provisional tax return only has one block to enter taxable income in. If the provident fund payout is included in the taxable income block (with other taxable income) tax will be calculated on the full amount at t...

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Code 3713 and 3703

I get my Car Payment Private Petrol and Car Payment Insurance from my Employer under source code 3713. Can I claim against this on my Tax return? and if so under what?

Why is my refund a lot less than the calculator

Have submitted my tax with TaxTim, but just want to check if it is better to submit including expenses (Fuel, oil, etc) as I left it blank?
Why is my travel allowance tax return on Taxtim calculator very high, but when I did the calculation on SARS it works out a lot less?

3805 calculation

Is the renumeration factor referred to in the formula to calculate free or cheap accomodation as a fringe benefit equal to pensionable salary, or does it include other remuneration as well?

Can you claim for travel (log book) as well as depreciation on the car?

I receive a travel allowance and keep a logbook accordingly. Am I able to claim for the travel as well as depreciation on the car?

Tax on standby allowance

I receive a standby allowance every month that is being taxed on. It is a fixed amount of 14% of my salary to basically be on standby for any breakdowns. Can I claim tax back?

Source codes 3701 and 3702

I am busy with my 2017 salary structure. My HR department is offering me both codes 3701 and 3702. Will that be allowed in 2017 tax year. Somewhere I read that your cannot do this anymore and must take either the one or the other.

Tax deductions on rental property

I have a rental property that's in a different town from the one in which I live. Is the fuel that I use traveling the property to make improvements tax-deductible? Also, what incurred on a rental property are tax deductible?

Where is my logbook?

Hi! This might sound silly, but I have your logbook, I just want to know where is that information stored and how do I access it? I might just be looking in the wrong place but I cant find it!

How many "Trade and Professional Income" sections on an ITR12 does a freelancer need?

I'm a freelance creative in the television industry. I work with many clients throughout the year, some deduct PAYE and some pay me the full amount on the invoice. The first question is for those clients who don't deduct tax. I've been working on my tax return on the SARS E-Filing. On my ITR12 I've added a "Local Business, Trade and Professional Income" section to the form, do I create a section per client or per job type? As I'm trading different services for different clients, but I may have 3...

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Vat for services received and rendered in Botswana

We a South African company providing a service in Botswana for South Africans. When invoicing our customers do I invoice with vat?
Can I claim input vat for expenses incurred in Botswana? Botswana vat is at 15%..

How do i claim travel expenses if I used 2 cars

I moved from one employer last year at the end of November. I used a company car, on which I attracted fringe benefit tax. In December 2015 I started with another company, and received a car allowance. I am able to claim business km's for which I am reimbursed at a rate of R3. 29 p/km (subject to monthly logbook submissions). What are my likely tax implications for this filing season based on this, and will I able to file in way to accommodate both scenarios?

Long partnership regarded as marriage for tax?

I have been living with a woman as husband and wife for 17 years and see no point in getting officially married. With regard to tax rules such as: tax free gift/donation between spouses and tax rules regarding disposal of residence to spouse on death, apply to me? I have in mind donating money to my partner which she will invest to achieve a tax saving on capital gains as she has small income. She would also be able to donate to my children if required, to take advantage of the R100k tax free am...

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How to calculate travel expenses?

I will be claiming tax back on travel for business use for the first time. I have maintained a logbook since starting my new job in the middle of the current tax year 2015/16. Please advise what the "fixed cost" is, and how I can calculate what tax rebate I should expect to receive from SARS in July.

Multiple IRP5's received for one tax year

I received two IRP5. The second is for the Lump Sum I received after retrenchment, however no tax was deducted. I tax directive number was provided. Should I enter the information as well when submitting my tax?

Tax implications if one receive a subsistence allowance

We travel for work purposes, and are considering getting a daily allowance paid instead of submitting our expenses. What is the amount allowed per day / other amounts subsistence amounts, and are there tax repercussions on this method.

Tax deductibility of vehicle lease payments for independent contractors

I am an independent contractor. I do not earn any salary. I currently have a vehicle on which I claim a travel deduction. My vehicle requires replacement. I would like to know if I can claim lease payments as a tax deductible expense should I lease a new car. I have not come across any prohibition on the SARS website. This surely is in the production of income as without a car I would not be able to carry out any work at all.
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