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Depreciation / Wear and Tear: 10 most popular posts

What are cost of sales in a consulting business

Posted 12 July 2017

What would cost of sales be in a consulting business - would my time be the cost? Would it be paper, laptop etc?

This query relates to question 4216 "Please enter the cost of sales incurred." in the Self Employed/Independent Contractor/Freelancer section.

2 IRP5s and commission

Posted 11 July 2017

Before paying the fee I just want to make sure you'll be able to help me. From March to July. I earned a normal salary but from August I earn a basic and commission. As I sales rep I'm able to write off wear and tear on my
vehicle but obviously only from August. Same goes for my laptop etc. will your system be able to take this into account?

Depreciation on a cellphone

Posted 4 July 2017

I have a pay as you go cellphone that I bought cash. Thus I unfortunately do not have monthly statements to determine an exact break between business and personal use. I spend about R300 pm on airtime and I receive a cellphone allowance of R750 pm from my employer. How do I calculate and show the depreciation amount and do I need a letter of consent if the allowance is shown on my salary slips?

Solar wear and tear

Posted 30 May 2017

What are the wear and tear rates for solar equipment (renewable energy)?

Depreciation of on second hand assets

Posted 23 May 2017

I'm working for a new company that started last year January (2016). All of the computers and furniture was inherited from the previous company (Re-branded the company, but doing exactly the same thing) how do I calculate depreciation with regards to Computers, Laptops & furniture?

What type of tax category do I fall into?

Posted 2 May 2017

I have one client in the US, I use all my own equipment and work from home. What type of taxes should I be filing? I am based in South Africa and bring funds through via PayPal, I am not taxed in the US as I am considered a independent contractor.

Minimizing tax liability

Posted 13 April 2017

At the end of the current tax year my taxable income will exceed R1.5 million largely due to income from an employee share option scheme. My income comprises salary only. And from the normal statutory deductions I contribute to a retirement fund and retirement annuity. Apart from maximizing my contribution to retirement funds, how else could I reduce my tax liability?

How can I depreciate my small business equipment if I dont have invoices?

Posted 9 April 2017

I have a mobile phone; laptop; tablet and home office furniture which I use for my small business. I bought them four years ago, but I've never depreciated them because this is my first year of business. Can I depreciate them now even if I don't have the invoices anymore? And, if I don't depreciate them can I just record it as a company asset? These IT equipment were bought second hand and some are old.

Registering as a Provisional Tax Payer?

Posted 22 March 2017

I had freelance jobs and although I don't own my
own business/am not registered as a business. All but one of the freelance
jobs were taxed.
Should I register as a provisional tax payer? If so, how do I go about
doing this and what deductions can I make? e.g. Can I claim for Uber trips,
cellphone bills, wear and tear on my equipment (computer, camera) etc? If I
can claim for things like this, how do I go about doing it?

A notice of objection

Posted 10 March 2017

SARS didn't accept my log books, my 2015 tax return, there's zero KMs for business use.
I now need to object and they require proof of ownership- I have documents from Wesbank. Lastly, can I do this via TaxTim or must I go into SARS?

Is occupation rent an allowable deduction against rental income?

Posted 24 February 2017

Is occupational rent paid to a developer, of a new-build property, an allowable expense to deduct from taxable rental income? The property in question was rented out in the same tax year as occupational rent was paid.

Do second-hand purchases count towards expenditure?

Posted 23 February 2017

Can I purchase 2nd hand equipment as an asset for my business and then add that full amount to my business costs? The item will come in under R7000, so I believe I can write the depreciation off within one tax year.

Depreciation on a phone

Posted 6 February 2017

I use my phone for work purposes and have a letter from my employer confirming this. Can I claim depreciation on it even if I've had it for 2 years already?

Vehicle depreciation vs deemed travel allowance deduction. An I allowed both?

Posted 6 February 2017

Vehicle depreciation vs deemed travel allowance deduction. An I allowed both?

Over how many years can you depreciate earthmoving equipment

Posted 6 February 2017

Whats the depreciation on a 2006 bobcat?

Add more than one depreciation expense

Posted 6 February 2017

I have a laptop, tablet and cell phone that I need to depreciate, how do I do this?

Depreciation on office equipment

Posted 5 February 2017

I am hiring office equipment such as chairs, tables etc. can I claim depreciation on it?

Do I have to pay additional tax for deducting my car from my salary before tax?

Posted 1 February 2017

How does deducting your vehicle from your gross salary affect your tax. The vehicle purchased is for personal use however we have the option of deducting it directly from our salaries before tax.

Never filed a return, can I still do it now?

Posted 1 February 2017

I have been employed for 3 years and my employer deducted tax from my income. They however never gave me an IRP5 and I have no proof of the income I earned from them as they issued electronic payslips and I never printed it.
2 Months ago they closed their doors and all employees was left stranded, can I perhaps still claim the tax I paid back from SARS if they over taxed me?

Outstanding tax returns without supporting documents

Posted 31 January 2017

How to get irp5 from 1991 to 2000 from previous employers

HOw can I get my refund?

Posted 31 January 2017

SARS owes me more than R12000 and refuse to pay because I have not submitted a tax return for 2008, how can I correct this?

Can I claim full depreciation on a broken cellphone?

Posted 23 January 2017

I had a cellphone that I was calculating depreciation on. However the phone broke and I now have a new phone which I will claim depreciation on. For the previous phone, am I able to claim the remaining deprecation amount (that I would have been claiming on in coming years) in the current tax year?

I don't know what is s12e, can you help please?

Posted 19 January 2017

I don't know what is s12e

This query relates to question 4862 "Please enter the S12E accelerated depreciation allowance which the company can claim. Use our handy SBC calculator to help with your workings." in the Income statement section.

Can claim depreciation for my personal car?

Posted 14 December 2016

Is it possible for me to claim depreciation for using my personal car to go to work? I do not receive any car allowance.

How do I calculate the depreciation on my office equipment?

Posted 10 November 2016

I have completed my 2016 tax return via TaxTim. On the depreciation of office equipment I indicated that I am depreciating my laptop which was bought for R20 000. The amount I came up with was R3 333. 33. SARS requires me to indicate to them how I got to the figure. Can you please assist so I can explain myself to SARS?
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